Cat accommodation

The catteries at Green Meadows Pet Resort has been developed specifically for the needs of our feline friends.

Standing as a separate building from the dog’s accommodation, and with its own ventilation, you can relax knowing your cat will never be bothered by boisterous canines, well, not while they’re here anyway.


Cat Accommodation Features:

- 24 hour care and attention
- Meal service
- Optional activities
- Pet grooming service

Single Cat Boarding

The single suite is perfect for a bit of privacy, yet it’s spacious enough to lounge around and stretch out your paws, if you have paws that is. It’s also temperature controlled, with the option of a window box providing safe access to outdoors

Double Cat Boarding

Or, if you have two cats to accommodate, we can provide a double suite with the same temperature controlled environment, and option of a window box to the outside world.