Why choose us?


There’s one answer to that question…
Because you’re not the only one going on holiday.

You and your pet both deserve a break, and it needs to be perfect.
At Green Meadows we understand, and we focus on three areas that we know make a real difference.


1. Luxurious, Private Accommodation

We figured out what cats and dogs truly need, and then we added an extra layer of luxury.

You know that feeling of relief. When you open your hotel room for the first time, and it’s even nicer than you expected?

The whole holiday rests on that moment.

We know, we’ve been there.
That’s what we’re aiming for.

And, can you imagine booking a luxury suite, then arriving to find a bed in a bunkhouse?
Your pet will be provided with their own private accommodation. We specialise in individual accommodation. We also provide some even larger suites that have been established to comfortably cater for two dog families.

2. Beautiful Natural Environment

We all feel better surrounded by nature.

Even if you like constant activity, as opposed to quiet contemplation, just spending time in a beautiful natural environment has a rejuvenating and inspiring effect.

You and your pet. Just the same.

Truth be told we built Green Meadows here not only because pets love it, because we love it too.

3. Care and attention, but most of all understanding

We’re in this business because we adore animals. We ‘get’ them.

It takes all kinds and we love the variety of characters who visit here at Green Meadows.

So if your pet has peculiarities, special needs or unusual habits, no problem, we’d love to meet them and make them feel at home.

So have a look around the website, and if you want, arrange for an inspection.

Then start thinking about your next holiday, and how you’ll need to find somewhere as nice as Green Meadows, for you…