Dog Kennels

Luxurious is the best way to describe the dog kennels that await your best friend at Green Meadows.

While you’re on holiday, here’s where furry friends will spend their time in their custom built premium and deluxe kennels.

All Dog Kennels Feature:

- 24 Hour care and attention
- Meal service
- Optional activities
- Pet grooming service

Deluxe Dog Boarding Accommodation

Deluxe Dog Kennels

- Spacious, well-appointed room
- Single bed or couch
- Wall Mounted High Definition Television
- Temperature controlled environment
- Sliding glass door to covered play area
- Comfortable furniture
- Hygienic epoxy resin floors & walls


Deluxe Dog Kennels

For starters, they can literally spend every single day lying on a bed or couch, watching TV in our Deluxe boarding kennels. Let us know what they like to watch, we can indulge them even further. Or they can choose to lounge on an occasional chair instead. Just as comfy we can assure you.

Their spacious, well-appointed room enjoys plenty of sunlight through a glass sliding door, that opens out into an outdoor play area so they can get out for some fresh air.

And speaking of weather, reverse cycle air-conditioning ensures that they’ll be comfortable, and cosy at all times.


Premium Dog Boarding Accommodation

Premium Dog Kennels

- Spacious, well appointed room
- Large pet sized bed
- Temperature controlled environment
- Direct access to outdoor play area
- Hygienic epoxy resin floors & walls


Premium Dog Kennels

The Premium kennels are a large, spacious suite that any dog would be happy to spend a week or two relaxing in. With a comfy bed, temperature controlled environment and direct access to an outdoor play area, it’s the perfect option if you want your pet to be totally spoiled.

There are also some extra large premium suites, specially designed to enable dogs from the same family to be accommodated together in comfort.