Health + Nutrition

A balanced diet, combined with regular exercise is as important for animals as it is for us.

Health Assessment

That’s why we examine all pets when they check into the resort, and provide you with a general health assessment.

If there’s anything you need to be aware of, we’ll let you know, and we can suggest corrective health and nutrition practices while you’re on holiday.

Exercise Plans

We can schedule regular exercise to help maintain your pet’s level of fitness, or we can gradually increase the level of activity (combined with a calorie controlled diet) to enact a weight loss regime in your absence.

All of our Carers have years of experience of looking after the health, and well-being of all kinds of animals, and they truly love what they do.


Diet & Nutrition

Dogs nutritional needs vary depending on what stage of life they’re at. We can factor that into the equation when we develop a meal plan for your pet.

We serve only premium food. You can, of course, provide us with the food you’d like them to eat while you’re away, however rest assured the meals they will receive here will be well received.

If your pet needs to lose a little weight we can develop a calorie controlled diet, and when you return they’ll have an extra spring in their step. This program can also be combined with an exercise plan.

Registered Vet

In the unlikely event that anything untoward happens, we have a Registered Vet on call 24 hours, should the need arise.